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Marleen Boot was born in the summer of 1996, and grew up in a small village Leuvenheim, located in the eastern part of The Netherlands. At her sixteenth, she moved to Maastricht, where she studied applied arts at the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design. Her work is a mixture of function and aesthetics. Products are no longer objects we use everyday, but turn into something valuable, beautiful and at the same time functional. This allows the users to become aware of their everyday interactions with these products. Marleen attaches great importance to  quality, sustainability and tranparancy. In her opinion a product must last a lifetime when maintained with care.



2018 February | Designday Stories | Part 3

2017 December 21th | De limburger Newspaper

2017 October| Dude magazine | Fall edition

2017 August | Naarbuiten magazine | August

E d u c a t i o n

2013-2017 | Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Maastricht | BA Applied Arts

2017| Dapha Laurens | Internship

E x  p o s i t i o n s

2018| Yksi Expo | Southern Treasures | DDX| Yksi Eindhoven

2018| Passagen | Southern Treasures | DDX| Galerie Ampersand Cologne

2017| Dutch Design Week | Southern Treasures| TAC Eindhoven

2017| Het Parcour | Designday | Maastricht

2017| Graduation Festival | Mafad | Maastricht

2016| Designday | Mafad | Maastricht

2016| Ventura Lambrate | Mafad | Milan

2016| Notes on creativity, Ferran Adria | Marres | Maastricht

2016| Cor Unum Design Contest | Nominated for best 20 exhibits |S’ Hertogenbosch

2015| Cor Unum Design Contest | Nominated for best 25 exhibits | S’ Hertogenbosch

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